Goal Setting Makes Mojo Happy

Do you want to develop more women leaders?

Want to help your members or team build their confidence, motivation, and leadership skills to reach their goals?

We're a team of high-performance experts automating what we do with Olympians and top business and military units. We're looking for up to 10 teams or organizations to support on the mission of creating healthier environments for female leadership.


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What You Get:

  • Private Chatbot

    100% Anonymous space where you interact in a Facebook messenger style chatbot and get personalized tips based on your needs in the moment. Accessible on web and mobile both.

  • Powerful tools

    Master proven, science backed tools to share with your child — tools like the STEP goal model of goal setting and the RISE model of motivation, all based on both the science of high-performance and our decades training top performers.

  • Defeat the Imposter

    Learn tools of strengths-based coaching to help your members build resilience, overcome imposter syndrome and develop the foundational skills of self-care and pressure-management to sustain high-performance and avoid burnout.

Cutting edge, interactive mindset coaching to help your members defeat imposter syndrome, live confidently, and strengthen their leadership skills.

Built by high-performance mindset coaches with decades of experience coaching elite performers in business, academia, military, and athletics.


Dr. Amy Athey

Dr. Amy Athey

Co-director of Science

A national leader in Performance Psychology and the training of Mental Fitness with over 20 years of working with elite performers, coaches, teams, medical professionals and organizational leadership. Currently the Chief Wellness Officer at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Alex Auerbach

Co-director of Science

An experienced professional with a focus on helping other people figure out how to be great at what they do. Alex has served as the Director of Clinical and Sport Psychology at the University of Arizona, worked with professional athletes, Olympians, elite military units and for NBA teams.

An experienced entrepreneur and one of the former co-founders of AND1, a basketball brand that reached over $200 million in annual sales and took market share from Nike, Reebok, and adidas. Tom has over twenty-five years of experience in start-ups across both B2C and B2B.

What are you waiting for?

There is no cost to participate in the alpha testing trial — but it is limited to the first 10 organizations we find who are good fits.