Finally something that's easy...

Finally something is easy...

It’s stressful and hard being young right now. Confidently is the personal, pocket-sized coach to help your students and alumni in these difficult times.

We’re developed by a team of PhDs with decades coaching elite performers. 

With our framework for living confidently everyone can learn and master science-backed tools, apply and practice them in their life, and get support along their journey.

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Transform Lives

We offer 1,000’s of daily lessons, challenges and activities — all grounded in performance and positive psychology.

These include areas like job search confidently, test confidently (for GMAT, LSAT, SAT, etc), speak and lead confidently, self-care and self-compassion, and more.

The Basics

The basics of how this app works, who built it and what it does.

Well, this app was built by a team of experts. A team with PhD’s and decades of experience — who have coached mental fitness to Olympians, Pro and college teams, business, start-up and military leaders, surgeons, pilots and more.


And we’ve invested over 2 years building this app, and every tool we share is one that’s both evidence-based, and that we’ve used in real life.

It means bringing our best self to the moments that matter. Using science-backed tools to get more out of life. And having a framework we trust empowering us to face life’s most challenging situations.

Each day, you’ll practice for 5-10 minutes, mastering tools that work, learning to apply them, and building a roadmap for living confidently. There are 1,000’s of pages of daily content — challenges, quests and STEP goals and every thing in the app has been reviewed and co-created by some of the best performance psychologists in the world.

Well, over the past few decades, we’ve helped thousands of top performers and ordinary people alike use these tools and see life-transforming results. And now, you can too. Besides, it’s free to start — and just takes a few minutes a day. So, that’s it — living confidently is the science of self-development, not the hype of self-help. Are you ready?

Life is pretty hard right now for a lot of people. We’ve been there, and we’ve seen it.  We think we have a tool that can help.  If people like this tool, maybe they’ll share it with others — maybe people will even pay us to keep it going. But, right now, we just want to get this to as many people as we can and help them out.


Win from Within

We created Confidently because we believe that everyone should have access to mindset coaching. Our team is passionate about making it as easy as possible for people to bring their best selves to the moments that matter.

An experienced entrepreneur and one of the former co-founders of AND1, a basketball brand that reached over $200 million in annual sales and took market share from Nike, Reebok, and adidas. Tom has over twenty-five years of experience in start-ups across both B2C and B2B.

Dr. Amy Athey

Dr. Amy Athey

Co-director of Science

A national leader in Performance Psychology and the training of Mental Fitness with over 20 years of working with elite performers, coaches, teams, medical professionals and organizational leadership. Currently the Chief Wellness Officer at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Alex Auerbach

Co-director of Science

An experienced professional with a focus on helping other people figure out how to be great at what they do. Alex has served as the Director of Clinical and Sport Psychology at the University of Arizona, worked with professional athletes, Olympians, elite military units and for NBA teams.